Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Christmas Party

So, I’m guessing that some of you are wondering what we are going to do for our Christmas partywell I THOUGHT I was going to send home notes Monday to explain everything, but looks like that will not be happening. So, here’s the deal- we are going to draw items from our classroom wish list (just basic items that are needed to keep our fun crafts and everyday activities going). You and your child will wrap that gift in ONE package and label it with your child’s name. Then, on Monday for the Christmas party (weather permitting of course) your child will open it in front of the class and donate it for all of us to use. We did this last year and it worked BEAUTIFULLY! The kids were so thankful and enjoyed donating these awesome gifts for us to use. I have tried to get the gifts to be under 10.00, but sometimes it is hard considering some of the items are little larger than others. So, if you would like to buy more than what you are given- please notify me. I’ll give you another item off our list. Again, I appreciate all that you do for us!!


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