A Fishy Wishy

Here is a list of some items we need in our classroom. If you would like to donate something we would greatly appreciate anything you bring in. We appreciate all your help!

o  Snacks (goldfish, animal crackers, puff corn, gummies)
o  Napkins
o  White Address Labels (1x25/8)
o  White Shipping Labels (2x4)
o  Small Clear Labels (1/2x 13/4)
o  Construction Paper (all colors)
o  Colored Copy Paper
o  Colored Card Stock
o  Dry Erase Board Eraser
o  Dry Erase Board EXPO Cleaner
o  Dirt Devil Kone (Gray)
o   Paper Plates (all sizes)
o   Fall scented Glade Plug in refill (1)
o   Fall scented Air Wick Plug in refill (2)
o   (15) 3 inch 3 ring binder- any color

o   Beach Towels (any color)
o   Bean Bag Chairs
o   Pillows
o   Books (used are fabulous!)