Friday, September 24, 2010

Box Tops for Education

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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Something New!!

So today you will see some new things inside your child’s notebook and backpack. Here’s a list of items you will find that are new and what you will need to do with them. Enjoy and thank you for helping your child become organized and be prepared!

ü Reading book- Make sure you check your child’s reading assignment every night (except weekends) as they will have a reading assignment each night!

ü Divers Handbook- you will find this inside the homework folder and this is where you will find all reading assignments and page numbers, you will also record all missed words on this page as well. This MUST be signed each night- it is your child’s responsibility to help you remember, therefore if it is not signed I will assume that your child has not completed the assignment and they will be asked to write their name in the bad choices notebook for the day.

ü Spelling Words- you will find these in your child’s notebook. Practice these words each night and make sure your child is prepared for the test on Friday. We will begin with a pre-test on Thursdays and if he/she makes a 100% on the test he/she will not have to take it on Friday. If not, they will have another chance to on Friday.

Check out the spelling words here on the blog!