Parent Help and Stories Schedule

I understand that some of you are sitting at home and may not understand everything that is going on at school. If you would like to set up a conference, I would be more than willing to meet with you. Meet the Teacher night is SO CRAZY, that I cannot possibly say everything I need to say in the short amount of time I allow myself. So if you are like me and cannot stand to be in the dark, I am including some informational things that I have sent home that may have gotten lost in the shuffle of the 1st day hustle & bustle. Click on the links below if you are interested in finding out more about the topic.

Ocean Levels Behavior plan

Stories for the week of:
December 6-10
·      When Kids Play
KKids Can Help*   (read twice)
       Poems by Kids
December 6-10
W Light Game
   Short Shadows/Long Shadows
T The Sun